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Talk Southern To Me.♥

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26 | September | 05]


07 | August | 05]
[ mood | sad ]

havent updated in forever,
and livejournal sucks
myspace deff. took over.
but whatevvvv.
kay so yeah, he broke up with me. :-/
ill write more later..i have to fucking babysit 6 kids and i only know 1 of them. sweet right? yeah.

i still love you so much. :-/

[[6]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

17 | July | 05]
[ mood | pissed off ]

i dont feel like updating...

yeah isnt it sweet how ppl like to tell ppl that your cheating on them when your NOT!..ha yeah..cute..
w/e.. adam i love you i would never cheat on you even if it was w/...jesse mccartney.

[[5]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

11 | July | 05]
ಌ fuckerssS<3.
[[2]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

11 | July | 05]
[ mood | cold ]

i hate updating cuz no one comments!
but w/e.. yesterday was the street dance which i was hoping would be fun
but noooo one was there!... kate was being mean to her cousin daniel, i was the
only one being nice and accutally talking to him, besides krista a little bit!
the fucking cock sucking dj gave away my cds, and yeahh.. came home. krista spent the night
againnnn, watched raise your voice, fell asleep, woke upp this morning...went to kates cousin nicks 18th b-day party
with her , her mom and dad. yeahh.. we swam, took pics, jumped on the tramp.
yeahh... kay im done =) byee.

i fucking love you
&&Latley your all i think about.

[[2]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

blahh [Tuesday,
05 | July | 05]
[ mood | Happy/Sad=blah. ]

okay so i re-did my journal
and its ugly as fuck, but idc ne more
yesterday--4th of july * went to the beach brought laura, ate, swam, came home.
hung out with kate, went to the fireworks, well..kinda haha. came home, we hung out
a little longer, then she had to go. i came downstairs, came online talked to ppl. blah
whoop, now its my birthdayyy<3 not like ne one cares except me ne waysss ;] but w/e.
yeah im gonna go now cuz im pretty fucking tired, ill write more later<3.

i fucking love you,
and obviously you dont care.
but whatever..:-/

[[9]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

Fuckin SWEET Day.♥* [Saturday,
02 | July | 05]
[ mood | CRAZYYYYYY. ]

Shut Up, Were Sweet && Your Jealous.♥ *Collapse )

[[8]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

29 | June | 05]
[ mood | happy ]

The rest of yesterday

hung out with kate and brittany,
then we hung out with adam. after everyone left..
i came in the house went online for like.. i dont know how long..
called adam. went to bed.. woke up this morning. blahhh. later kate called..
hung out with her, now im sitting here talking to ppl online kay im done ill write
more later<3 byeeeeeeeeeeeee fagss!



Mmmmhmmmm. [Monday,
27 | June | 05]
[ mood | crazy ]


cousins grad. party, got to hang out with gabrielle =)
took pics. went for a like.. not even 5 minute walk b4 we got
scared away by the fish flys, ew nastyyyyyyyyyy


kay yesterday i went to the beach with meagan, mike and meagans dad.
holy shit it was fun! haahah i almost pulled mikes bathing suit down
ON ACCIDENT!! but yeahh.. hah we were playing "hide n seak" in the water..
and mike was all the way on the side were we first came from..and he was trying
to find me and meagan.. everytime we saw him look at us we went under, and sawm more
ha we ended up at the end of it where we couldnt swim ne more w/o getting in trouble!
haha yeah it was funnnn, then we layed out for a while, went back in, played v-ball.
yeahh cute. kay, came home , went to meagans, ate, took pictures, roasted marshmellows and yeahh.


Def. sat around and did nothing talked to adam, krista, ryan,brittnee,other ppllll..
then krista came overr...and now were sitting here listening to music.. ill write more later...

ifuckingloveyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. :-/

[[2]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

whoop [Friday,
24 | June | 05]
[ mood | confused ]

ughh i havent updated in a whileeeeeeee.
yesterday..i hung out with kate for a little,
then aaron and cody came over, thennn we went to ashleys.
we came back here, they left,i went back to kates, adam called.
him and aaron came over, we went to ashleys again, then we went to stop n go
then ambers and watched the fucking game, damnit its all fucking bens fault!!!! >:-0
w/eeeeeee ne wayss.. then i left and called adam, talked to him for a little, went to bed, woke up
gay shittt.. hung out with kate and kelley for like 5 minutes, then meagan, thenn brittany kathryn came overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-* now were waiting for ryan to get his slow ass over hereeee. ill write more laterr..

ifuckingloveyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! :-/

[[4]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

17 | June | 05]
[ mood | bouncy ]

uhh, today i woke up at lauras, dropped her brother and sister off at their grandmas house, where fucking hot ass keith lives O:-) hahaa, ne wayss, then we went to the store, then to get lauras shot :-x owchie they did it so fast too!ehh.. thennn went to see their new housee<3 its hugeee, and beautiful! im jealous :-/ then we went back to pick up her sister cuz her brother was spending the night but her sister wasnt, then went back to lauras house, thenn they dropped me off here, kate called, i went over there for a little bit, came home, asked my moms boyfriend to bring me to 7-11, instead he gave me $10 and let me borrow his FALL OUT BOY cd that i cant stop listening to. then when he left my mom drove me and kate to 7-11 8-) got bawls and skittles, came home, saw like 15 hottttt guys +++ an asian skater =) that was fucking sweet :-p and noww im hereee writting this and listening to fall out boy, no ones on and im about to go to bed, ill write more later.

i love you shane<3.

[[15]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

16 | June | 05]
[ mood | creative ]

New Journal Beotch ;]

comment to be added.<3

[[9]] [[w.h.o.r.e]]

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